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Dogon Challenge Costs and information

Costs and info for the Dogon Challenge

The cost of Dogon Challenge is an issue which is much talked about but basically it depends on how much you want to spend. You could swap your mobile phone for a Euro zero car with a full tank and head of towards Africa. After having the car serviced you can head towards the capital of Mali like an excited child with a dirty face. Otherwise you can participate by paying a convoy of camels to drag you the whole way through Africa.

Further on you’ll find a list of the major costs.This is not a complete list but near enough.  We advise you to carry some cash during the trip even though most of the cost will be covered before your departure. The costs can easily be covered with the help of friends, family, neighbours and colleagues who can be involved in your fundraising campaign. We need to raise as much funds as possible for the ONLUS Abareka Nandree association. That’s what the Dogon Challenge is all about.

Dogon Challenge Registration fee

The registration fee is €.499 each vehicle, the more people you have in your team the less it will cost per head. This amount includes: the Dogon Challenge Pack: very simple instructions for donating your vehicle once you reach Mali (you'll have just to put a signature),a metallic fuel tank 20l, a pre-departure meeting in Milan, maps, gadgets, Dogon Challenge t-shirts x2, entrance to the  Savana Finish Party in Bamako.


€500 per team Charity donation
Dogon Challenge represents not only a road challenge but also a challenge in the minds and hearts of those who participate to help the Abarekà Nandree Organization reach their objective which is to build a school.
We ask each participant the maximum commitment so that this objective is achieved. Everything that is raised will go directly and entirely to the Abareka Nandrèe Ass. We are talking about € 250 a head which does not necessarily have to be raised by you. Our suggestion is that you involve friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues to assist you with fundraising. With the transparency of this project exceeding the minimum target will be easier than you think.

This depends on the countries in which you decide to cross. The costs will be per person and not per Team. Contact us to have special conditions by Trust Viaggi - travel agency Dogon Challenge Partner.

This all depends on you vehicle, how heavy you are on the accelerator and the price of petrol. However remember that we are talking about 5-6000 km outside of Europe where the petrol usually costs less than 1 Euro and with a vehicle with a low consumption.

For most of the trip you can enjoy the African cuisine spending a few euros per day. We like to think that Dogon Challenge is not only an adventure to discover the African continent but also to taste the local dishes. It all depends on how hungry you are after a  long hard day rallying.

You must choose the most suitable vehicle for your team. A vehicle that has not more than 70 hp. and maximum 15 years could bring you safely to the final destination choosing suitable routes (we will present a number of possibile routes in the pre-departure meeting), although sometimes you could be forced to face slopes and sand. You  could buy a car from your neighbour or even from a secondhand magazine for as little as €.500 .

Preparing your vehicle
A journey to Africa is no joke but it’s a lot less nerve-racking than taking the ring road in your own city. Arriving at your final destination depends on your skills and on the spare  parts that you bring with you.This is not an organized tour but a real challenge. If you decide to open a Kite school along the Atlantic coastline go ahead and do so but you’ll miss the splendor of the Savanna. During the pre departure meeting in Milan we’ll give you advice on the preparation of your vehicle, maps, Dogon Challenge stickers and various other material and suggestions that could be useful to your team and your car. The adventure is already parked outside your front door.

The most sensible thing to do is to consult your local medical clinic for advice on the required vaccinations and any other questions or doubts you might have from a health point of view for your trip in West Africa. You are obliged to be vaccinated against Yellow fever in order to get a visa. We advise you to bring any other medicines that might be useful to have during your journey.

Global experience and various mishaps
In the African countries that you will pass through, the people are generally very welcoming and warm towards foreigners. Despite this, one who has experience traveling knows about the challenges that they might encounter. You might be stopped by the police and they might give you a fine for not having turned on the anti-fog lights in the Sahara, or because your vehicle is not the colour suggested by local regulations. Everything will depend on your ability to conclude tiring negotiations in your favor, after having tried to explain with ridiculous gestures why your rickety 4-wheels are directed towards the south. But you should be aware that the people that you meet on the side of the road or that stop you, could be there for days and meeting someone is an opportunity to have a chat. We repeat that from our experience the people that we came across in West Africa  were all exceptionally warm and welcoming. To give you an example we got a flat tyre and three locals stopped to help us. (Try asking yourself what would have happened in your own home town……).

Maps (included in the registration fee)
We will provide you with basic maps and the information necessary for navigation, we will indicate in the pre departure briefing some of the routes that can be used on / off roads. Then it’s up to you to choose. With the directions that we give you, you will not need a GPS, or equipment of an XXIII century explorer, but only the urge to set off.

Sleep? It’s better not to drive at night. Also because why would you want to miss the view at the "Thousand Star Hotel"? But where is it?  Just look up over your head. It’s every where. The night sky of the Sahara will reward you with the most splendid evenings. You can enjoy the fantastic starry nights aboard your means of transport on the road version with the seats down, more comfortable in a Berber tent, or even more comfortable in a hotel you find along the way. It’s up to you.

Important: Car documentation and the return journey
We’ve arranged for you an extremaly comfortable return journey. Once you arrive at the ONLUS premises in Bamako you can leave your car there as a gift or have it be put up for sale at auction where the proceeds will be donated to the Abareka Nandrees projects. We will take care of all the mandatory practice involved allowing you to fly home in peace. The decision to leave your car in Bamako must be confirmed during your registration to Dogon Challenge, so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the local government. For any other decision that you make, during the rally, regarding your vehicle you are solely responsible. The return journey is at your own expense.

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