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Rules and regulations

There are few rules but they must be obeyed

1. The real adventure = no assistance = you are solely responsible for what happens.

You alone are responsible for what happens. If anything happens to go wrong you must sort it out by yourself. There will be no type of support once the challenge has begun.
If you wish to contact us we will send you a complete copy of the teams rules and regulations (which must be read and returned to us signed if you wish to participate) so you will be informed on everything. Dogon Challenge is not a sporting event with a competitive finish.

2. Fund raising rules

You must raise a minimum of 500 Euros per team in what ever way you can to support the Abareka Nandrèe Association. This is the fundamental objective of Dogon Challenge. (See the section Charity for more details)

3. Rule of 70 hp. and no more than 15 years

Your vehicle must have a maximum of real 70hp. and 15 years. If your vehicle exceeds the indicated limit there will be a surcharge of 20 Euro for each extra hp. This extra amount paid will go directly to the Abareka Nandrèe Association.
(example: you register a car with 78 hp. € 499 + € 20x8.

4. Moto

If you consider 4 wheels too much hassle. Take part on a motor bike! But take note you can’t participate on the latest version of  a BMW. It will be too easy.
The bike must have a maximum of 650 cc.!

5. Special vehicles

The only exception to the rule is if you intend using the type of vehicle
that nobody in their right mind would consider using. For example if you think you could reach Mali in an Ice-cream van which has been sitting on the side of the street for god knows how long. You could enter in the Hall of fame of  Partenza Intelligente and be rewarded in a special classification. The intelligence department of Partenza Intelligente, after a long period hidden in an alpine mountain hut, will drive up a special report to decide who wins. Send us your application and we’ll evaluate your vehicle.


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Le nostre proposte sono avventurose e in quanto tali possono comportare dei pericoli veri. Anche se il linguaggio che utilizziamo è energico e volto a suscitare la voglia di partire, non devi dimenticare mai che questo non è un gioco: non sottostimare pericoli e contrattempi in cui potrai incorrere. Durante il tuo viaggio non avrai alcun tipo di assistenza, anche se le cose dovessero volgere al peggio. Pensaci, nessuno ti obbliga e se preferisci puoi farti una bella vacanza in riviera o approfittare per stare a casa e fare le pulizie di Natale.


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