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Dogon Challenge

When will the Dogon Challenge take place?
The departure date is the 26th of December 2011 leaving from Milan (Italy). Due to arrive at Bamako (Mali) on the 8th of January for the Finish Party and car donation the 9th of January 2012.

After the 2009 and the 2010 editions, we thought of involving more people. People who are looking for a new adventure in the West of Africa. Not an all inclusive holiday but a taste for a real adventure, a journey into the unknown. A recklessness experience that you can’t miss. That’s how the idea Dogon Challenge came about. When the dry climate caresses the lands of the Dogon Challenge, we will trigger the engines and head of to the South
The destination after Morocco is, Western Sahara, Mauritania or Senegal, Guinea, and finally ... Bamako - Mali.

The main objective of who participates in the Dogon Challenge is to reach the ONLUS Abarekà Nandree Association in Bamako. This is where your vehicles can be donated and auctioned for the charity and where each participant can hand over whatever they have managed to raise to support the ONLUS projects.

On the road
Once you’ve left Milan you’ll enter into the spirit of Dogon Challenge in Tangiers. Just in time for a toast to bring in the new year in Marrakech and then off you go again. The adventure will touch some of the most fascinating aspects of the Erg Moroccan Sahara. The challenge will then continue south along the Atlantic coastline, across the West Sahara towards Dakhla. After which a long straight track which brings you to the boarder of Mauritania with its most spectacular sand dunes. You’ll move further inland towards the Savanna, Mali and the river Niger onto Bamako and even further inland you’ll find Timbuktu.
Dogon Challenge – The easiest part was yesterday

You have less than 15 days to achieve your objective. Tarmac, rubble, sand and dirt tracks. There are no fixed routes, no mechanical or logistical assistance will be present. If your means of transport abandons you in the Sahara you’ll have to sort it out yourself. We won’t be able to help you. If you come across a convoy of Mauritanians you could try to trade your 4 wheels for a camel or maybe a handful of dates. Otherwise you’ll need to find another solution. If you ask us are we sure that you’ll complete the challenge the answer is NO but we’re confident that you can do it.

Do you think it’s too difficult?

If so we’re sorry but you would be better off staying in front of your PC!


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Le nostre proposte sono avventurose e in quanto tali possono comportare dei pericoli veri. Anche se il linguaggio che utilizziamo è energico e volto a suscitare la voglia di partire, non devi dimenticare mai che questo non è un gioco: non sottostimare pericoli e contrattempi in cui potrai incorrere. Durante il tuo viaggio non avrai alcun tipo di assistenza, anche se le cose dovessero volgere al peggio. Pensaci, nessuno ti obbliga e se preferisci puoi farti una bella vacanza in riviera o approfittare per stare a casa e fare le pulizie di Natale.


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